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Moderat – “Bad Kingdom” (Official Music Video)

Hand-drawn imagery tell a story of corruption and greed.

Director & Production: Pfadfinderei

from the album “Moderat II”, out in August 2013

Bernado Maldonado Morales
Daavid Mörtl
Benedikt Rugar
Arne Jysch
Moritz Friedrich

© 2013 Monkeytown Records
© 2013

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Moderat – “Bad Kingdom” (Official Music Video)

25 Responses to “Moderat – “Bad Kingdom” (Official Music Video)”

  1. Apparat says:

    A new realise from #Moderat 

  2. Michael Hogan says:

    I think this is the first single from II by Moderat. Listenning to the full
    album now.

  3. Astralwerks says:

    It’s August, what new music are you digging? This new Moderat track has
    been on repeat at ASW HQ.

  4. Gary Libero says:

    There is nothing not amazing about this. 

  5. Dani Becerra says:

    Dale dale dale!!! Buenísimo

  6. Rushay Booysen says:

    Love this <3 #Berlin #Music 

  7. Mercury Stills says:

    I’m so in love with this song and video. It’s so appropriate for where I am
    in my life…becoming aware of so many hidden subtleties of the way things
    are and wanting to fight it.

  8. MeloStep says:

    this song has something to say

  9. Melhexx Suomynona says:

    Replay count currently @ 20

  10. TheSteez06 says:

    Greed is good! Greed is motivates people to better themselves!
    It’s when the government takes away all the risk that greed becomes frowned

  11. knifebladepresents says:

    I wish this was a real comic…

  12. i8i7 says:

    fuck the system

  13. Cadel Fowl says:


  14. Hadley Seprish says:

    Perfectly obsessed. 

  15. MrKASADY says:

    Heard a lot of people bang on about these fucking idiots over the course of
    the past few weeks. I suspected it would sound like the gutteral churnings
    of one’s arse after a particularly messy night on the whiskey and donner
    meat, and boy was I correct. This is fucking tragic. Music for the impotent
    mind. A different class of dogshit.

  16. Allen Ante says:

    I do not want an ad about wrinkles that I cannot skip after 5 seconds fuck
    you advertisers fuck you

  17. Vedrovic says:

    POHODA 2014 lkn fwd!

  18. DUPLOCpromotions says:

    I think I’ve just found this secret side of YouTube which mainstream media
    constantly tries to hide from us, this is crazy classy!

  19. Anders Pedersen says:

    Moderat – “Bad Kingdom” (Official Music Video)

    #handdrawn #moderat #officialmusicvideo 

  20. Florent Dabernat says:

    Je m’en lasse pas !

  21. Ickalk Brenner says:

    excellent !

  22. Corentin Lebigre says:

    Really love it! Makes me think a bit of Radiohead’s style at some points. 

  23. 1234bliblablau says:

    This is living the american dream.

  24. thejuicemedia says:

    brilliant! <3


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