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FACT TV: Yung Lean & The Sad Boys review the week’s singles

Rating and slating for the FACT Singles Club this week, Yung Lean and the Sad Boys.

Yung Lean has been turning frowns upside down in Sweden and worldwide since last Summer’s Unknown Death mixtape, spinning tales of love lost and, er, Pokemon over beats by Friendzone and fellow sadsacks Yung Sherman and Bladee.

We caught up with the trio at Cottweiler Studios (Lean, Sherman and Bladee) while they were getting fitted for a sold-out London show at Birthdays — they reviewed music by Skrillex, Lily Allen, Gucci Mane and more.

Evian Christ – Salt Carousels
Young Thug & Gucci Mane – Bricks Like A Project
Lily Allen – Our Time
Skrillex – All Is Fair In Love and Brostep
The Range – Washingtons

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FACT TV: Yung Lean & The Sad Boys review the week’s singles

25 Responses to “FACT TV: Yung Lean & The Sad Boys review the week’s singles”

  1. ThatNinjaBLAQ says:

    woah! this is a rare occurrence

  2. cheeryouUPfred says:

    im breaking down this is so rare imma cry

  3. Lasse Amstrup says:

    every comment on something sadboy related is always so fuckng stupid like
    “omg so saddd;(((” or some people just write “sadboys” like don’t you think
    they know they’re sadboys?? 

  4. Tsubasa Hanekawa says:

    Sheesh sad stuff.

  5. Jasmine Hawkins says:


  6. Ruivinho 96 says:

    This was cool hearing Bladee and Sherman talking to a camera

  7. gts1067 says:

    what is the song playing at the end someone plzz reply thank you im so sad

  8. aaroninky says:

    who are these turbocunts

  9. Sven Köttbullar says:


  10. TheDivad125 says:

    i bet yunger is going to comment on this saying some dumb ass shit shit
    like sad or emotional .

  11. helloo grandmaa says:

    where gud

  12. Anthony Showalter says:

    Bladee is the whitest white kid in the world, but slap autotune on the son
    of a bitch and he has more SWAG than any human currently alive on this

  13. wisely says:

    sherman looks so fucking cool

  14. dardar, au says:

    what the fuck kind of glove is bladee wearing

  15. Brain C says:

    i thought bladee wasnt apart of sad boy just gravity boys

  16. EHMM UHM says:

    Them kneesocks

  17. Carlos Juarez says:

    name of the song that closes this superb video 3.30 and opening is just an
    opening or a song

  18. Michael Reeves says:

    name of the song at the end?

  19. darkowin says:

    yung sherman so fucked up during this ineterview. Maybe i’m wrong or he’s
    just too sad for me

  20. yungSTASIS says:

    Lmao are these niggas wearin soccer equipment 

  21. elvin sanders says:

    i.d on the glove that bladee is wearing?

  22. Ravie Nicole says:

    Why is yung Sherman sitting there ? If he was bored he could have left. 

  23. sad guf says:

    What are those pants

  24. frozenzoo says:

    water in my lungs <3

  25. Jake Brubaker says:

    Yes Skrillex 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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