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WHY? – Sod In The Seed (Official Music Video)

With the help of a few friends, WHY? cuts loose in this Scott M. Fredette directed video.

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WHY? – Sod In The Seed (Official Music Video)

25 Responses to “WHY? – Sod In The Seed (Official Music Video)”

  1. Aaron Barca says:

    Lovin’ this video

  2. Aaron Weintraub says:

    steady hurt and sturdy purse…

  3. Kevin Bauer says:

    #MusicMonday videos WHAT?

  4. Joël Cuerrier says:

    I was thinking absurd hipsters were a thing of the past, but apparently

  5. Nathan Hart says:

    *Year in Review, Part 1: Songs*
    Also known as, before these songs came into my life, I missed them so bad.

    WHY? – Sod In The Seed (Official Music Video)

    If you ask (, there was no
    song I listened to more in 2012. I’m guessing if you looked at my YouTube
    history, you’d get the same answer. Inspired by (straight up stealing?) the
    drum beat from Outkast’s “Hey Ya”, the first single off Why’s album *Mumps,
    etc…* is a catchy dance tune where the first world problem at hand, is
    having first world problems. By making a ridiculously radio friendly song
    tied to essentially a Gap commercial, Yoni Wolf gave us a brilliant satire,
    but comes back to realize…he’s part of that culture too, so who is he to

    “Sod in the Seed” is my #9 song of the year.

    #yearinmusic2012 #musicyear2012 

  6. Ken Miller says:

    Why? Why not!

  7. Life Hacks, Immediately says:

    I will fight to the death to defend your right to feel how you feel about
    the album, but I don’t like the implication that I’m not being honest with
    myself for liking it. 790 of the 800 times I listened to it, I was by
    myself. Was I lying to myself (about something other than my ballooning

  8. SJ Gilbert says:

    white people on a white background in colorful clothing so they won’t

  9. Elisabeth Maria says:

    This earns a big GRIN 😀
    ….. good combination of music, text and video

  10. ImthereImhere says:

    The girl with green hair is really attractive!

  11. Morti Mer says:

    Like it. Am I racist?

  12. Unimportant Wank says:

    Yoni is my spirit animal.

  13. Aria Bailey says:

    I can’t believe Cassidy (the girl in the misfits shirt) is gone now. I’m so
    sad watching this

  14. Dean Amine says:

    God I wish I could dress that ironically.

  15. BL-DUB & FRIENDS! says:

    Dude is this you at 3:52?! hahahaha +iamwhiteboyboogie 

  16. Bojangles126 says:

    Alright, I’ll be the one to say it. Mumps Etc. sucks. I’m sorry. I love
    everything else by Why but this album is very unpleasant.

  17. ashevillecat says:

    better to be a minor star with a soul than a plastic major star! Keep up
    the greatness! BTW FC St Pauli radio sent me here…maybe wear their kit
    (jersey) in a future video? =)

  18. Kat demamp says:

    am i the only one questioning what the fuck it is that i am watching?

  19. Joshua Bruett says:

    dat hipster hop

  20. Olivia Dee says:

    does anyone else really hate this? 

  21. Kyle Shortal says:

    Totally blows me away that people don’t unanimously dig this.
    This dude kills it.

  22. DizThaWhiz says:

    How do ppl in crap like this not get attacked on the streets?!

  23. DizThaWhiz says:

    Thos e girls though.

  24. Austin Solis says:

    Get your Lance waxed


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