About us

Here at Alwayswatching we are without a doubt always watching films and TV shows. We’re always playing games and always listening to music. Our job is to watch a wide variety of film and TV along with searching out new music and new music videos on the internet, on podcasts, on social media networks, at live gigs and anywhere else we can find it. Hard work you might say but someone’s got to do it.

If we haven’t seen or heard what’s hot in the media right now, we will soon, and we’ll be talking about it, reviewing it, rating it, building it up or knocking it down. We like to bring to your attention anything that’s worthy of your time and warn you about what we think you should avoid.

We believe there’s plenty of room in this industry for everyone who wants to give it a try. We’re not going to like everything but that’s life. And how can we find out what we like without watching or listening to things we don’t like? And, sure as night turns to day, what we think is the worst thing we’ve seen someone else will think is the best.

It’s also a very interesting time in the entertainment industry right now particularly with the emergence of digital technology and the internet which has transformed the way we receive and use the makings of our entertainment.

Our Aim

The technology on which we watch, listen and store films, TV shows, music, images and videos is constantly changing and reinventing itself and so also must the industries that create and produce it. We, for our part, will be always watching, as we do, and always with the aim to keep our audience entertained and informed.