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Answer: A review of Skyrim, hmmmm. (Spoilers)

I really liked the open world of it, I mean when you come out of the first town, after running from the Imperials, and the Dragon, you really get the feeling, that anything is possible. Your wanderings can take you anywhere.

I like the fact that there is so much to do. You can be good, evil, or something in the middle. Its all up to you. I liked the diversity.

I didn’t like the fact, I still could not fight an enemy from the saddle, I couldn’t bring my sword down on someones head, that I still had to put up with the horse attacking, and getting in the way, that was still annoying.

At times it was a little glitchy,

I didn’t like the fact, that I couldn’t bring Maven’s little business down around her ears.

I didn’t like the fact, In some cases when some schmuck insults you, you have the option to beat him up, sometimes you have the option to kill, if they draw steel, and sometimes you don’t have any option at all.

I would be happy to smack the mess out of Maven’s son, the next time, he runs his pie-hole, same goes with other folks around, the game needs more dialogue choices.

And then the NPC’s you do beat up, still don’t show it, its like “I just mopped the floor with your butt, and your still going to run off at the mouth to me?” The NPC’s need to have that dialogue change.

I liked that they included a new race, the Falmer, if you know your Elder Scrolls history, that’s pretty cool, that they are back around.

I also didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t really bring the Silverblood’s business down around their ears. I would’ve loved to have seen that schmuck squirm.

I would’ve liked to have brought peace to the Reach, maybe the Forsaken are brutal savages, but they are still in the right, they were there first.

I liked the environment, reminds me of Russia, or Germany, a hard, cold land. The environment is great.

I liked the inclusion of children, I wish the PC could have a child of his/her own.

I didn’t like the fact that after your the head of a faction, you still get these, generic, little bullcrap quests. You don’t recruit anyone new, you don’t deal with the day to day concerns, that say Kodlak Whitemane dealt with. You don’t have an active role, in which way the faction goes.

All in all, I give it a 9.5.